Those who deal with the aftermath of violence on the lives of victims may be interested to read about a project involving a cyber community and music in healing the lives of youngsters.


Browsing through the invitation to UP’s Maceda Project, I can upon a shared app for Wiley, a virtual library on music that will probably take up a lot of my time in the coming days. I clicked the category “Music and Psychology” and this popped up as the first article:

ImageThree Wise Young Men, a Cyber Community and Music — Counselling As Social Action: Storying a Community of Care in the Aftermath of Violence by professors from New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. 

It tells a story of a collaboration to develop “a community of caring solidarity (Sevenhuijsen, 1998) and compassionate witnessing (Weingarten, 2000, 2003)” in the lives of children victimized by violence in their communities.

Don’t expect great narrative journalist. This is an academic paper. But there are plenty of insights for those who deal with the mess violent men (and women) leave in their wake.

This is the…

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