Loons and wounded birds

Penang War Museum mural, photo by Inday Espina-Varona

ANIMA means “life force”.

This subsidiary blog of the scaRRedcat Group by Inday Espina-Varona celebrates life and meditates on death and mayhem through the stories of people real and imagined. These writings do not qualify as “hard news” coverage, though some articles first appeared as columns in national broadsheets or news magazines.

ANIMA is the counterpart of the “Loons & Wounded Birds” section in a late, departed blog site. Real life could turn out more fantastical than fairy tales; imagined scenarios may read like a news feature.

We could call it “creative non-fiction”. But some days the creative may outweigh nonfiction. And some days non-fiction might read like some fantasy. I’ll try to make it easy by posting clear labels — though it will probably take away half of the fun.

The stars of the stories come from up and down the economic, gender, religious and cultural byways. These vignettes mostly focus on characters as a way of parsing issues. The blog will probably feature as many artists as practitioners of the darker arts.


3 thoughts on “Loons and wounded birds”

  1. You really need to see Ramin live to fully appreciate his portrayal of the Phantom. I’ve seen a good number of brilliant actors play the role over the last 25 years, but only one made my skin totally crawl with emotions. Then again, I don’t rate Sarah Brightman and Michael.Crawford that much, so most phans would call me a heathen with no taste. However I stand by my judgement, especially after the travesty of Brightman’s “singing” at the 25th concert.

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